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Letter to the Editor and Viking Riders' Response
Letter to the Editor and Viking Riders’ Response

Response sent to the newspaper from the Viking Riders

It strikes me as strange what some people find offensive. Now I don’t know who the peace loving citizens are that Maura Lindsay of Newport was speaking for, in her June 13th letter to the editor. Were the frightened children she spoke of the ones that, when we Bikers approach, wave at us as we pass or run out of Lucy’s Hearth, Rolling Green Village, or Boy’s Town on a freezing day for a more enjoyable Christmas because those so-called selfish Bikers she referred to, delivered over 1,000 toys and gifts to families and individuals in our community this past year, and every year, as they have since 1996. Or maybe it was those families who receive large baskets with a turkey dinner and all the fixings on Thanksgiving who felt terrorized by the noise of the approaching motorcycles. As far as pets go I am quite sure I have never seen a dog or cat petrified from the noise of a motorcycle.

It is obvious the real problem is that she believes most motorcycles are just too loud and the people riding them should just not be heard and run over quietly. Most riders will tell you it is no fallacy loud pipes DO save lives and anyone who has been riding any length of time would agree. Some riders do over do it but not the majority. I might add that all bikers do not alter their mufflers as Maura stated. The Viking Riders in fact keep it quiet during their Runs. In reference to the bikers I referred to earlier they are your friends and neighbors and they care more about their community and the people in it than most. In addition what I’ve previously mentioned this group she bashed donates time and raises money for too many charities for me to list. During our Blessing of the Bikes we donated a large sum to the church coffers from those selfish Bikers.

Since we are speaking of offensive, let’s talk about letters, to use a story about a religious gathering to launch a political attack on a newspaper’s coverage of a story of something you don’t care for please!

In closing to Maura Lindsay, Peace Be with You!

John Dunn, President of the Viking Riders



A non-profit organization of motorcycle riders dedicated to helping those in need.