• March 11 – St Patty’s Day Parade, Fire Truck will be entered. Anyone wanting to ride scoots is welcome. Seats for passengers on the fire truck are Viking Rider members first, then guests, leaving The Pub 9:30 AM, Vehicles please park in the dirt parking lot at The Pub, no vehicles to be in the parade. Fire Truck to return to The Pub after the parade.
  • March 25 – Setup for the Cabin Fever Party, 11 AM
  • March 25 – Cabin Fever, Chicken Param, $30
  • March 26 – Clean-up from the Cabin Fever Party, 11am
  • May 13th – Tommy Nassiff golf Tournament
  • Joe Rosa is looking for suggestions for rides. Contact him if you have ideas or if you just want to ride for breakfast, ice cream, or just to ride.

Other events.

Aug 26th – Summer Rodeo, Madam Radar will be playing

For more information on any Viking Riders of RI events, email:

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